Why a Smart Store?






Retail stores are big energy consumers. From systems such as lighting, powering Smartphones and Tablets to running security, media and customer metrics systems

The fastest growing technology is in the palm of our hands. TW unleashes the power within the device to run retail store systems that in the past would requires expensive hardware

Through energy and hardware savings plus added revenue gathered from ad campaigns and sharing our store metrics customers will experience significant savings

From predicting your need to engaging with a online product specialist out of the store, TW continually finds ways to ensure your store visit is worthwhile and memorable

Retail systems are expensive and consume a lot of energy. TW believes that our environmental impact can be reduced and has seen the future of wireless store design and operations through using the intelligence of our merchandised Smartphone and Tablets.

Today's Smartphone is one smart device, with a camera, speaker, a screen, on board sensors such as touch and lift plus a fast processor with a battery for back up these are tools other wireless companies do not see. TW operates 80% of all store business on our displayed merchandise - Smart and innovative.

Our costs are significantly reduced through using our current Smartphone and Tablet inventory for business purposes. Plus by broadcasting our Smartphone manufacturers messages and sharing customers metrics TW is able to pass these savings and revenues onto our customers.

The service at Triangle Wireless is tied to the customer experience.